Our History

Established in 1904, our business started as a florist in Minato-ku, Tokyo. As our business grew and the demand for animals increased in Japan; we became one of few businesses in Japan to only specialize in Animal Trading. We have traded animals from Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Africa and Europe since 1957. These special projects allowed us to work very closely with private organizations and governmental offices in Japan and overseas. With the wide network and experience, we are able to call ourselves Animal Trading Experts.
We have strong connections with zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens and both private/public research institutions from Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north to assist with animal trading and transportation.

Our Business

Our previous Managing Director, Giro Kawahara saw demands in human resources at zoo with safe animal keeping knowledge, he therefore opened the first junior college in Japan in 1990 to educate students how to interact with animals correctly. Our 6.6 acre (approximately 27,000㎡) land with more than 240 types of animals near Narita International Airport is used for educational and business purposes. We believe we are the only business in Japan that has large facility where we can hold large number of animals temporary and permanently.
We currently have 3 main businesses, the school, trading company and the pet store/veterinary hospital in Minato-ku, Tokyo. We take in pride to care and handle animals with passion and assist our customer and clients with full service. With more than half a century years of experience in animal business, you can depend on us with any animal inquiry.

English Assistance

Have you had any difficulties communicating with store staff when selecting a pet?
Any businesses outside Japan who are looking to export animals to Japan? Or companies and distributors who are looking to reach out to Japanese market? International companies and schools in Japan who are interested in planning events such as petting zoos?
We have an English speaking staff that can assist you with your inquiry.
For pet store/veterinary visits reservation is required in advance.
Please feel free to contact us at